How to Make Him Miss You In Just 7 Days

Ouch.  You’re single again.  At least for now, anyway.  If you’re reading this you are probably looking for ways to make him miss you so that you can lose the single status.  Or maybe you’re just too heartbroken to think clearly enough to set an action plan.  It hurts, oh boy does it hurt.

You’re probably even wondering what you can do to make this hurt sting a little less, or at least do something about it to shorten the timeframe.  How close are we?  If you want to get your boyfriend back, or make your ex want you again, you need a gameplan that goes beyond a wish and a prayer.

So snap out of it, and set one up.  Here’s how to make him miss you in just seven days.  Really? Yes, seven.  Stick to it, and watch the magic unfold.

Day 1 – Recovery

You are entitled to some wallow time, and you need it to fully recover from this, so use this day for that.  But not too much of it.  And do it privately.  You aren’t going to get a guy back with the mascara lines running from your face to your track pants.  Show some love to your other fave guys, Ben and Jerry, suck it up and have your day.  Rome wasn’t built in a day, so you aren’t going to win him back today, so use this day to get all the fugly out so you can move past it.

Day 2 – Gals Night

Nobody can mend a broken heart in one day either, so this day is for Girl’s Night.  Gather your besties and get gorgeous and spend some time with them.  You are feeling unlovable and unattractive right now, and your girls will remind you that you are dead wrong in that regard.  That’s why they are your friends.  Do NOT spend the night with them wallowing about him.  Use Girls Night to get your fabulous back.

Day 3 – Give Yourself the Treatment

Become eye candy.  Do something nice for yourself today that makes you feel and look great.  A spa treatment or a hair cut, maybe even some highlights. This day should be used for doing something that makes you feel beautiful.  Even the slightest change will make him give you a second look.  If you are trying to make him miss you, you need to make him see you in a different way, but not too different.

Day 4 – Get Noticed

Up the social ante, in a way that he can see it.  You look great, you’ve gotten the fuglies out of your system, you’ve had some fun and self esteem talks with the girls, now it’s time to start putting it in action.  Put some pics on your Facebook wall that shows you doing all of these things or find the real time equivalent to accomplish the same goal.  If you want to make your ex want you again, you have to remind him exactly what he’s missing, and you will make him miss you.

Day 5 – Relax, Don’t Do It

Warning – this is tough advice to follow. By now, his ears or his eyes are perking in your direction if you’ve played your cards right.  Now, he’s not going to want to seem overeager, so chances are he’s not going for big bold moves right now, but he is wondering what all this is about.  He may even be wondering how YOU got over HIM so easily.

You may hear from him, even if it is something as small as a Facebook comment, email, text, or phone call.  Even if you don’t hear from him, again, if you’ve played the cards right, and he’s witnessed the effects from days 2 through 4, he’s thinking about you, and you have started to make him miss you.  Your goal today is to simply rest in that satisfaction, emphasis on the word rest.  If he finds an excuse to touch base in some small way, do not acknowledge any of his contact in any way shape or form. Remember, you are RESTing in the satisfaction that you know how to make him miss you, and you are almost there.

Day 6 – Get in the Game

Go on a date or at least open up an online profile somewhere so you can start to remember what it feels like to be back in the game.  You had a boyfriend at one point so you know how to attract a man, now you just need to do it.  Whether that man is a new one you meet, or your ex boyfriend, this tactic will make your ex want you because you’ve already started to make him miss you and he won’t want anyone else to get in on his game.

Day 7

If you are still wondering how to get him back, your seventh day will be one where you truly start moving on with your life.  By now if you’ve performed these steps well, you are starting to feel better about everything.  Whether he misses you or not is almost irrelevant at this point.  Maybe you’ve even met someone new online already.

To make your ex boyfriend miss you on day 7, it won’t hurt to send him a text or email to wish him well.  You won’t care as much about whether or not he responds, because you will have started having fun again. That’s a powerful tool when you want to make him miss you, because when he sees you are not focused on him, it’s much easier to make him miss you.

Keep in Mind

The key to the Make Him Miss You 7 Day Boot Camp is to follow it and spend more time thinking of you and your goals, and less about him.

Remember that happiness is a process, not an ah-hah moment.  Spend time on the process, and you will remind him how awesome you are.

When your relationship is on the skids, the worst thing that you can do is to do nothing.
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