The Worst Piece of Relationship Advice for Women Ever

bad relationship adviceThere is an enormous amount of information available all over the Internet on seducing a man. Unfortunately, most of the articles are written by people who have never been successful in dating and keeping a guy.

That is why you should not listen to just any advice when you want to get your boyfriend back. There are many ways a woman can behave, and some tips you will read will only make you look ridiculous and lessen your chances of seducing a man.

The worst advice I have ever heard in my life was the following: “Write a poem to him”

I am going to explain you why this tip is never going to work. Initially, I am just going to tell you that the real secret to get your boyfriend back is to not to look needy; not even bothered. If you are writing a poem, you are submitting yourself and are admitting that you are weak without him.

Here are the five reasons why you should never listen to this advice

1. Writing a poem makes you look needy.

You will never be seducing a man, if you are showing how much you want him. Even if you got them for a short term, they would never respect you, and you would be treated as a slave. Men think that you would do everything they want just to keep them. If you want to get your boyfriend back, you should look happy and content, to make him miss you.

2. Most guys hate poetry (or would never admit if they did like it).

If you bought him the miniature model of his favourite car, he would possibly be more interested. You will even reduce your future opportunities to get your boyfriend back, if you do this. Men get embarrassed and scared by emotions, so you should not even mention them until they do. This is the secret of seducing a man.

3. You will push him further away.

Even if he was thinking about returning to you, you just pushed him further away. He will start thinking about all the emotional commitment a relationship means for a guy, and start to run away. If you want to get your boyfriend back, you should try giving him more space instead of invading his personal and emotional life. It is just as if you were breaking down the door to get in. You will never be welcomed this way, and it is certainly not the way of seducing a man.

4. Men love a little mystery.

You will give out everything and will stop being mysterious. If you have your own secrets and don’t share every single piece of your life with him, he will think about you more. And this is how seducing a man works. But if he thinks that he can read you like a book, you will no longer be interesting for him, and you will get your boyfriend back.

5. HE should be doing the writing.

You should have made him write a poem for you, not the other way. Men are hunters and women like being hunted down. This has been like that for thousands of years. Men like being in control and making their own decisions. The only way of seducing a man is to make him want what you want. You should not pressure him in any way, or he will never come back to you.