Missing You Out of Town

out of town
Who’s He Thinking of Now?

There is a saying that absence makes the heart grow fonder, and in most cases this is true.  But whenever a little distance is put between a couple, be that geographic distance or emotional distance, many women tend to think that this distance is the beginning of the end.

When it comes to geographic distance such as long distance relationships or business trips however, attracting a man or seducing a man is easier than you think.  A lot of women get very concerned when their squeeze is away, but it is these times where you can truly capitalize on what you have with him to make him miss you, and make him love you even more.  Here’s how.

Consider the case of Jenny, whose man was a frequent traveler due to business and their dates were anything but regular.  Just when she thought he was calling her to setup another date, instead he was calling to cancel because he was getting sent away again.  Ugh.

Potential freak out moment in the making. 

But did Jenny freak out? No, she didn’t.

She helped him pack, made a lunch for him for the plane, and made sure he got one last kiss he wouldn’t ever forget.

The result?

He called her every night after his meetings to let her know how exciting things went, and to tell her he had in fact found the sexy little surprise she tucked in his suitcase when he wasn’t looking.  He even had a present delivered to her door while he was away, just to let her know he was thinking of her.

Awwwww.  Lucky girl, right?

That girl could be you too, if you want to know how to make him miss you or are wondering, “how do I make him love me,” then you just need to get your game on, even when he’s going out of town.  Jenny’s guy was so stoked about how she responded to his trip that he fell in love with her — from a different city!

The key to making him miss you and loving you more while he’s away involves stoking the fires of romance without putting any pressure on.  When you attach expectations to the little things you do for him, you won’t make him miss you, you will make him feel pressured and guilty into doing something in return.  Doing something nice for men just to make their lives easier is so welcomed and appreciated by somebody that already cares about you that you will see just how easy it is to make him miss you.

In the meantime, while he is out of town, keep yourself busy! 

Yes, of course this may be the oldest advice in the books, but the reason it keeps getting repeated is because it works!  Keep yourself busy, and don’t be afraid to let him know before he leaves just HOW busy you will be.  Men like to know that their women don’t depend on them for every little facet of their happiness. So, if he knows you have other things to do (and people to be with) and think about while he is gone, he will feel a little more secure in the relationship himself because you don’t depend on him to fulfill you.

One advantage for women when their man goes away is that they have some time to do the things they don’t have time to when they are doting on their man.  They get to go out with their girlfriends, shop for as long as they want, and eat ice cream right out of the tub without worrying about getting “the look.”  When you have the opportunity to do all of these things, it’s impossible to obsess about missing him, because you’re living your fabulous life, which will only get more fabulous when he comes home.

The trick to truly make him miss you when he’s away is to focus on you (and avoid the freakout).

Just because he’s going away doesn’t mean he’s leaving you forever. Keep doing all of the things you do that make you the fabulous girlfriend and woman that you are, and you will not only make him miss you, but make him love you more.

They say that absence makes the heart grow fonder… fonder, not fungus. 😉

What seems to work best in these situations is to use the language of desire.