Relationship Ninja Techniques to Make Him Miss You

Okay, so the worst has happened. 

At least it feels like the worst and the end of the world to you.  Instead of planning your winter vacation with the love of your life, you are trying to figure out how to get your boyfriend back.  It’s okay, we’ve all been there.  We’ve all wondered at one point or another how to make him miss you after he’s given the big heave-ho to you. 

Right now, you aren’t thinking straight.

You think you are, but you aren’t.  All you can think about right now is how sad you are, and how being back together with him is the only thing that will change that. How close am I on how you are feeling? 

We’ve all been there. 

Because you aren’t thinking clearly, we are going to clear up that muddled hotbed of emotions you are going through to help you and so that you can get your boyfriend back.  But how?  

It’s time for Relationship Ninja

Let’s face it. You’re in pretty dire straights if you are online trying to find ways to make him miss you.  Or trying to make your ex boyfriend miss you without looking like the needy clingy girl. 

Again, that’s okay.  We’ve ALL been there. 

But the sad truth is that trying to reason or convince him into doing so is going to work against you.  So what you need to do is step away from all matters that seem logical and rational to you, and follow these Relationship Ninja techniques that will make him miss you. 

If you want to get your boyfriend back, what you have to do is tap into that part of the mind that loves you, this will help make him miss you… and when he misses you, he will come back. 

Here are two very powerful Relationship Ninja techniques that will get his motors running again.

1.  Send him a thank you note… for breaking up with you. 

What, Michelle??? Yes. If things weren’t clear and you never found that infamous “closure” that all breakup-ees seek, this will be a cinch.  If you both are confused about “what happened” or “who broke up with who”, make it official, and break up with him. 

Or, if things are a little more crystal clear than you would like, do the opposite of what you want to do, and send him a thank you note for breaking up with you. Thank him for what he taught you to learn and grow and be a better and bigger person, and wish him all the best.  Yes, it sounds final, but it will make him miss you. 

Why?  For starters, if you do it with the right intent, you are now officially the bigger person, and have some serious points on your side.  This is a good position to be in, because the other side of this is that he will take it as rejection, and rejection is a very powerful tool when it comes to breakups. Ask any man OR womam. It makes the other party go running back in the opposite direction they started in, hopefully, right back into your arms.

You know this because of how you reacted when he dumped you.  You didn’t want to be rejected. You wanted validation that you were still lovable.  Do the same thing to him, but be the bigger person about it, as nice as possible, and….if nothing else, it will get him thinking.  What he will be thinking about is how to reverse this rejection in his favour so that he doesn’t feel so rejected any more.  Chances are, you’ll be the first call. “Hey, I just got your note, that was nice, so…what was that about? And….how are you?”   Send that note. Wait for the call.

2.  Have some fund and start dating again. 

Yes, of course this makes it seem counterproductive to YOU, you don’t want another boyfriend, you want to get your boyfriend back. RELAX. This is a Ninja technique. 

Where you once started with rejection in step one, now you are going to use the powerful tool of jealousy.  You’re starting to get it now? 

 What you want to accomplish with this step is very simple.  You want to make the point that you are moving on with your life. You are sending the message that you don’t need him, that you don’t even need to win him back, because you are fabulous, and now it’s time for the rest of the world to see that.

Do you see the true power of Relationship Ninja?  It’s about you. 

Instead of trying to figure out how to make him love me, try and figure out how to love you.  You don’t know how this is going to work out, but you do know one thing, you need to move on with something at some point.  A true Ninja has not only stealth in their favour, but true intentions. 

Follow these Ninja techniques with the truest of intentions, and you’ve got a very good shot at making him rethink a few things.


  1. DeAnna says

    Can this apply to a guy youve been seeing for only a short while? Can u send a “break up” text instead?

  2. Anna says

    Hi there. PLZ GIVE me advise . help me. I am 33 yrs old. Been with my bf who’s 34 for 8 yrs. he always tells me he loves me all the time, we spend lots of time together but don’t live together.
    He has trust issues with me and is very insecure. He always finds the stupidest things to get upset about and then we end up having a huge fight which leads to me always breaking up with him cause I’m so angry. We have been on and off for yrs.
    We had a stupid argument over a text MSG that I didn’t even send but he claims I did. I even gave him proof. We ended up driving home and we spoke 5 days later. I was still do upset that he still has trust issues and doesn’t trust me. We have been talking about marriage and he says he wants to marry me and had every intention etc…. Now everythIngs turned to shit because we fought again On phone last friday and he said “well it seems u have made ur mind up”… Why are u going to meet up and talk with me later…. I just snapped and send ” ur right! I have… There’s no point in meeting up then, and then he hung up on me! I didn’t call or text him back. It’s been 5 days. I haven’t heard a thing! Is that it now?? Is he not even going to try and call me ONe last time and save our 8 yrs? I don’t know wot to do. I don’t want him to think ill put up with this crap anymore, but I want him to realise he has lost a good thing. I love him and want to be with him but I don’t want to be the one who chases. I also just want to know if I leave everything alone will he try to call me soon or will his pride get in way?

  3. Julie says

    You know what? this is the best relationship page i have come across!! and no “buy this” to find out more!! i’m not exactly in a “relationship” but trying to get some thing to move forward with a man i’ve been dating form an “online ” dating site,and now..i feel great about my self, and the “thank you note ” thing? it worked!! we broke off all contact and then i sent him a “thank you2 note within two minuets he replied saying he wanted it to work out between us!!!

    Well it hasn’t exactly moved on much but hey!! now i don’t sit around waiting for it to!! if i’m still here if it does then ..its him that will be lucky not me!!

    good luck ladies!! we are worth a whole more then we see!!

  4. Kelly says

    Will this still work even after he has a new girl friend? I’m in this position as described up there, and I would wan’t more than anything in the world to be back with him.. I’m following the steps and showing that he can’t keep my feelings down.. But he has a new girlfriend and I have a lot of doubt in my mind that this isn’t going to work for me.. So what should I do now? I need help! 🙁