Is Sex Destroying Your Relationship?

One of the worst things that could happen to a relationship is sexual incompatibility. While you think everything’s going the way you want, you find yourself wondering why sex between you and your boyfriend is lackluster.

Men are also extremely sensitive about sexual matters, especially if they know it’s bothering their partner. If you just broke up with your boyfriend and you feel that your sex life together could be a factor, ask him about it. The first step to learning how to get your ex boyfriend back is being open, and you should be, especially when it comes to intimate affairs.

Too proud to think that sex could be a problem? He could be thinking the same! Pride is an ugly thing, especially because it’s keeping you from getting a lover back. All your friends may be telling you to wait for him to call because it would be like admitting that you’re at fault if you call him first. But this advice is so outdated, especially since there are so many ways to get him to talk to you about anything that’s bothering him.

So, when you finally have your heart to heart, and it’s time to bring up sex, be very patient. Getting irritated when he doesn’t want to talk about his insecurities is no way to seduce your man into trying again. If you want to learn how to get him back, always remember that the “sex problem” could be affecting him more than you know.

Women aren’t the only ones with sexual problems. Men are more likely to stress about sex because of several factors:

1. Physical Attractiveness

A guy’s greatest fear in bed is getting ridiculed for being too fat, too short or too ugly. Does this sound familiar?  Women are not the only ones who want to turn the lights off during sex. You never know if he’s the one who’s more happy about your “lights off” preference because he does not want you to look at his body.

One way to seduce your ex is to let him know that you love his body just the way it is. Although you tease him about his weight every once in a while, let him know that you adore his body because it’s his. Getting naked with a woman who accepts him and loves him is something that can excite any guy.

2. Birth Control

Don’t be like other women who take offense when a man asks about birth control options. In fact, save your ex the mental effort of thinking whether to go all the way with you or not by bringing up the birth control issue yourself. Have a condom handy (particularly one with a funny design) and tell him that you want to see how it would look on him. Bringing up protection in a casual manner like this will make him feel comfortable.

3. Your Expectations

Unlike women, men don’t always associate sex with commitment. If you’re one of the women who try to make him love you through sex, you may be in for a rude awakening. Because a man does not necessarily think of sex as a commitment, you may not be on the same page when it comes to figuring out what the sex meant.

When you have sex with your ex, don’t verbally express that you’re glad you got back together in the most wonderful way (through love making). In short, do not use sex as a tool to lure him inside the relationship again.

Have sex with him because you miss him, but don’t expect him to be your boyfriend again just because he gave in to the sexual seduction. If you attach too much meaning into the love making, he would run away the moment you bring up the topic again.

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