How to Seduce Your Husband

You would be surprised at how often this question comes up. Single ladies that are waiting to have a husband one day might think, how can this be a problem? Well, for the ones that have been or are married amongst us, the nodding has begun. That’s right ladies, if you are married and trying to get a little bit of a spark back then today’s talk is just for you.

When it comes to relationship advice for women that are married, learning how to get that spark rolling again is the best advice you can get. Who doesn’t want to keep that spark alive? Few, right? So let’s get to it.

For starters, you have history on your side and let me assure you, this is much easier than you think. Men are easily seduced, even more so than we are. All you need to do is tap into those little wiles that you used to get him, and keep him. They’ve been forgotten over the last few years, what with the mortgage, day care, tuition costs, and a flailing economy that you’ve had to muddle through together. But now, it’s time to remember those wiles. Here is my list on wiley wiles that will show you how to seduce your husband again.

1. Make a stop at the lingerie store after you drop the kids off at school, day care, wherever on the day of seduction. The day before or whenever is good for you works too, just, be prepared. Before you see him next on this day of seduction, make that stop. You don’t need further direction from me on this one, do you? Get what you know he likes. If he complimented you on something specific in the past, color, cut, lace, whatever it might be, this information is power. Use it.

2. Tease him, and use a little mystery. Start early. And by that I mean, early in the day. Long before the moment you actually want to seduce him. In fact, if he isn’t with you right now, it is even easier to seduce him than…if he is. This is one time ladies when I am going to say, pick up that phone and text away. But not too much, mystery is the key to seduction.

When he sends you your standard run of the mill how is your day going text, or email, or phone call, all you need to say in response via text is, “Day’s going great! Made a fun stop at Victoria’s Secret after dropping the kids off. I think you’ll like it! Have a great one, talk later, love you!” Chances are, he will respond. Of course there are many alternative possibilities to this step. Text him a picture of what you bought, text him a link of what you bought, text him a sweet picture of you, you get the picture.

Remember what I said about mystery though. Don’t tell him what you plan on doing with all of that, just….plant the seed. He may or may not respond, but I can tell you that even if you don’t hear back from him until you see him that night, he will be responding in his own way, all day long, wondering. This might be the most powerful stage in your seduction. See, seduction starts in the mind, in fact, for both men and women it is true what they say that the brain is our largest sex organ. You would be surprised at how much more “seduction time” you can get in without even being there. Keep that mystery going, play with him a little, just enough to get him thinking. Don’t give too much away.

3. Relax. And get your pretty on. Spend the day or as much time as you can afford to get away with pampering yourself and just getting that pretty on. Get your hair cut, your nails done, take a nice long bath, with a glass of wine at 2 in the afternoon if you can swing it. Why not? You deserve it.

The goal in this stage is to just release all of the stress from everything else in the world and just focus on you. Back to the brain being our biggest sex organ, this step is about working on yours. When you feel relaxed and pretty, your powers of seduction will be…that much more powerful.

4. As you get ready, start thinking about your night of seduction. Be specific in your mind as you fantasize about what you are going to do, say, and how you are going to say it. The key is to be as natural as possible, and there’s no need to step outside the box.

Just tap into all of the things you know he already likes, and use those things to your advantage. Wear the dress that he loves, the colors that he likes, do your hair the way that just makes him give you that shiny smile that you haven’t seen in a while. Trust me, if you do that, he won’t notice all of those things you are doubting about yourself. He will notice the efforts you are putting forth to make him happy, and that’s all that matters.

5. When you finally do reach that place where he’s home, or you’ve met him somewhere, do whatever you can to put the rest of the world out of your mind. Remember when you used to date him, and you fell in love with him because of the way that he made you feel like nothing else existed in the world? Plan an activity for the two of you that will put you in that place.

Use all of the old dating advice tips you used way back when to knock it out of the park. It might be a special dinner at home, maybe even the same dinner as the first one you ever cooked for him. Maybe it’s a night out at “your spot”. Whatever it is that you plan for this special occasion, again use history to your advantage that puts him in that same place that you are thinking about, way back when you were dating and those sparks were all over the place.

6. When he asks, “What’s this all about anyway?” just go with it. Remember that the key to seducing him is to make sure that you are focused ONLY on him. All you need to say is, “I’ve missed you, and THIS, and just want to have fun tonight!” He may still be skeptical, but he won’t be for long.

7. Get your flirt on. This is pretty much all you need to seal the deal. Once you reach this point in the occasion, his motor will already be running. Remember he is still thinking about that special trip to the lingerie store you casually mentioned earlier. If he brings it up again, steer him away to keep that mystery alive. Compliment him like you did on your first date, smile at him, be coy. You can even role play the scenario where you meet at a bar or restaurant as if you were strangers again. There are so many things you can do to get the flirt on and focus only on him, your only limit is your imagination.

And that’s it ladies. When it comes to relationship advice on the art of seduction, you have more power than you give yourself credit for.

Whether you are planning one special night, or want to give him a little taste of you every now and then, you can seduce your husband by just keeping the same stream of consciousness that you had when you were dating.

Be mysterious, be sexy, and get your flirt on! And do enjoy, please come back and share your stories, I can’t wait to hear how your plans go!