I Never Thought He Would Miss Me. I Was Wrong.

There are not too many words from a man that make a girlfriend get nervous, particularly when things seem to be going well.  But the phrase “Honey, we need to reschedule next week’s date, I have to go away on business” can send even the coolest girl into a shockwave of emotions.

Frustration, disappointment, sadness…sound familiar? 

When your man has to go away on business, it’s so easy to get caught up in what is going on with YOU, that you forget what is going on with him.  Chances are, he’s not too thrilled about it, particularly if you had a long awaited hot date planned with each other.  Women however have a tendency to snatch these emotions of theirs and run with them right to crazyville. 

A million things go through your mind.

Where is he going?  Who will he be going with? How long will he be gone?  How many pretty girls will be in his vicinity at any point in any day?  See how easy it is to get carried away?  For the girl whose man is packing up to close an account, the last thing you want to worry about is how you feel about it, because you can’t change it.  The first thing you want to do is prepare to make him miss you…so that you don’t miss him.  Focus on what he’s going through, so that he’ll be ready to fly back home at his earliest possible convenience.  And if you play your cards right, how you feel will change dramatically. 

The key in how to make him miss you is about changing the way you think.

Those days away on business are long, particularly if you are the one left behind, but if you really want to make him miss you, you have to change your mindset completely.  We keep saying that because that’s just how important it is.  When women have no choice over any matter in our relationships, we start to get a little squirrely about things.  Sending a man into the world to *gasp* conduct business makes us feel unsettled because well, anything could happen while he’s there, and we won’t be there to make it stop. 

We get so caught up in the notion that by unleashing him onto another city filled with gorgeous women that he will forget all about us. In fact, we convince ourselves that this is exactly what is happening, and because we have decided this (or any other worst case scenario) is the case, one of two things happen. 

  1. You don’t make him miss you because you have done something that’s a little extreme, or falls into either of the needy or clingy categories.  Women do crazy things when they’ve convinced themselves they’re about to lose someone they care about.  It doesn’t make THEM crazy, it just makes their actions counterproductive to the task at hand which is, to make him miss you.  Men find this “crazy” behavior because they are rational creatures and don’t understand why you are getting so emotional about one little business trip.  If you want to be successful at seducing a man, even when he’s not around, you have to appeal to his logical senses.
  2. Your reaction to his news makes him feel guilty about something he has no control over, and this will lead to a buildup of emotions with him.  Maybe even a fight.  And they aren’t the emotions that are going to make him miss you, they are the ones that will send him running as fast as he can to just get away from it all.  Is that the guy you want to unleash into a new city full of gorgeous women?  If you want to know how to make him miss you, you have to trigger the positive emotions that will do just that…make him miss you.

You already know how easy seducing a man or attracting a man is, because you’ve already done it. You’ve got the guy, but you’ve also got some bad news.  If you want to know how to attract a man, and ensure he only has eyes for you even when you are on business, you need to change your mindset.

Change your mindset, change your relationship. 

Do not convince yourself before he even opens up his suitcase to pack that he WON’T miss you.  If you do that, you will create what is called a self fulfilling prophecy, and he won’t.

If you decide that you are going to be the calm, cool, and collected girlfriend that he adores, the one that makes all of his buddies jealous because they are dealing with daily cling-ons, then you need to be that girl.  Wanting to be that girl isn’t enough.  It’s so easy to forget this when we are freaking out about some bad news, but if you want to know how to make him miss you when he’s on business, you have to be the girlfriend he fell in love with.  If you convince yourself he won’t miss you, your actions will reveal the hotbed of emotions inside and you will likely make some mistakes here.  If you show him the cool girl he worships, you will make him miss you, and he’ll show it.

Don’t think you can make him miss you?  Try shifting your mindset, and see how wrong you are.


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