How I Built a Stronger Relationship with Him

You can possibly read many romantic stories and real testimonials about women how successfully got their ex boyfriend back and managed to stay together. But the key here is: building a long term relationship by solving previous problems and making the commitment stronger. Let me tell you about the method I discovered on how to make him love me, and stay with me. You will also get a few great tips on how to seduce your ex-boyfriend, even if right now he would never think about getting back together again.

I broke up with my boyfriend because he wanted more freedom and I wanted him to spend more time with me. After a week I felt miserable and started thinking about ways of how to make him love me again. As I knew that at the time his freedom and independence was more important for him than me, I had to work on a plan to change this. I wanted him to suffer and read a lot about how to seduce your ex-boyfriend on the Internet. I even bought some books to achieve my goal. And I succeeded. Here is how…

I made it clear for him that I wasn’t angry at him at all. I told him that I would be available for him as a friend any time, and I went on to live my life. We met a couple of times (only bumped into each other) and I looked very happy. I always made sure that I looked my best when there was a chance to meet him. I also made the impression that I was now truly enjoying my life. Obviously, this was not true.

I wanted him back but he had no idea.

After seeing me a few times, he started to ask more questions. He had no idea that I was thinking about how to make him love me. He started to become interested in me again, because I wasn’t heartbroken and I had moved on.

Then I started mentioning a few things just casually about things we did together, like: “You remember the hotel we went to on our anniversary? They just renovated it. It looks stunning.” Then we started talking about the times we had together, and I left. I told him I had someplace to be and was running late. This is how to seduce your ex boyfriend: never say anything directly, just mention things and let him remember.

Tease him a bit and then move on.

He may even say, “I finally realize what I lost” or “I really miss you.” But at this point you should contain yourself, and go away. Become the hunted, not the hunter.

I knew that I chose the right method of how to make him love me, and carried on. But I never said anything about getting back together at all. If you want to know the best way how to seduce your ex-boyfriend, you need to know that the less you show of your emotions and real intentions, the more chance you will have.

Get him interested but stay mysterious.

After a while he invited me to a party. As I was single, and kept on thinking about how to make him love me, I knew that this was my time. I arranged a complete makeover and turned up at the party. I went in so confident.

He never knew what hit him.

I’m here to tell you, this is a proven way to seduce your ex boyfriend.