Hi, my name is Michelle B. and I’m a romantic and a freelance writer. I write poetry, enjoy “chick flick” movies and blog about love and relationships.

When it comes to relationship advice for women, it seems everyone has an opinion. I’ve been studying relationships and dating for some time now and I’ve seen it all.

Now, I’ve taken what I learned and am I summarizing the best of the best relationship advice here. The most important aspect of learning how to get your man back is you MUST learn how to make him miss you first. You see, men are hunters… ALL men… whether they know it or not. The key is to get him thinking about you again. Making him miss those good times together and imaging being back with you. Simple enough?

Well, sort of.

That is why I created this website.

I hope you find these articles helpful in your relationships and if you have specific relationship questions, you can ask me here.